Body Harmonics


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Body Harmonics has been a growing health conscious community for over three years now, but has only been named this year. Body Harmonics is Personal Training as it should be. Meeting you where you are at now and looking at where you want to be, then coaching you in a way that you develop the skills to be your own Self-determining Master of your Body and Mind. 

It all started off when Head Coach, Alexandra Sheedy wanted to help her Mum, recovering from cancer and a handful of her Mum's friends were seeking to improve their health and wellbeing. So she developed three classes a week to improve their mobility, create muscle tone and develop core strength. The classes soon grew and sometimes people needed more personalised attention. So classes were developed, and seminars and personal training services became available too. Thus, Body Harmonics grew from love and a need for tailored workouts in a circle of friends. A great place to plant a seed, wouldn't you agree?